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Recreating Yourself

Everything begins with a feeling of discomfort. We are not sick, but we do not feel well. Why? Because our modern, technological and comfortable city life makes us fell sick.

The air we breathe is polluted.

We do not drink enough good quality water.

Foods we eat are grown with antibiotics and hormones; they are genetically altered and filled with additives in the packaging. Eating as we do, our cells are constantly craving more as they cannot get the nutrients they need.

Electromagnetic waves are damaging our bioenergy balance.

The chemicals used in medicines cannot be eliminated completely from the body.

Personal care products – shampoo, hair cream, toothpaste, shaving cream, perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, etc. contain carcinogenic components such as chemicals and paraben & methylparaben, of which, 60 percent mixes in our bloodstreams through the skin.

Stress, inactivity, detergents, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, tea all together fill our body with toxins and now the natural detoxification mechanisms of the body are inadequate to do the job.

As a result of this accumulation of toxins, the body's balance deteriorates; the accumulation of bad choices we make in our daily lives leaves us alone with illnesses we call lifestyle diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, weakness, reluctance, low energy, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression and so on.


The fact that, everyone has a reason to exist. And we are here to make it happen with our body’s actions, by planning with our minds and on the way that our spirit shows !

In this day and age, people have lost their way and they are searching to find it again. Boredom is one of the most important indicators that show us that something is going wrong! Taking it seriously, we need to persue and understand why we feel this way and we need to heal ourselves.

Even if we have only one day left to live, our aim is to LIVE it in an energetic, healthy, vigorous, alive, vibrant, peaceful and happy manner.


Everything begins with a reason and a decision. Just like a business project, we have to chart an action plan that we need to put into practice. “If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail”.

Making a decision, you must create a goal and a schedule for yourself. After you create your goal, dividing it into small steps will make your goal more achievable and more easily accomplished.

The healing plan is needed for women because of weight gain in general, however for men it mostly starts with fear (fear of disease and death); high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, heart attack, etc.

Let’s see what a healing plan consists of;


This is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of the toxins that are the return of this modern life and the vicious unhealthy cycle we are in.

This is basically a liquid fast program. The goal is to stop the digestion so that the body can use the energy and time normally used for digestion to repair itself.

  • The blood is cleansed; and that helps in the maintenance and repair of other organs, cells and tissues,

  • Energy and joy for life comes back,

  • You rise much easier and earlier in the morning,

  • The body becomes more flexible,

  • Organs and senses work better,

  • Weight is lost. Women may lose between 3-5 kg where men may lose between 4-8 kg during a 7-day program according to age, gender, height, weight, genetic structure, metabolism and current health status,

  • The skin shines, is renewed,

  • Fertility increases,

  • Aging slows down,

  • Digestion gets easier,

  • High cholesterol numbers go down,

  • Awareness, perception and sensitivity increases,

  • The mind becomes clearer,

  • Immunity strengthens

Detox is a type of treatment that you need to repeat from time to time, (2 times a year is recommended) much like a seasonal house cleaning or taking your car in for periodic maintenance. You may also do shorter daily, weekly, monthly detoxes. Detoxes for a few days will usually consist of less fruit juices, but more vegetable juices (Swiss chard, spinach, arugula, cucumber, celery and lemon) that will also support your health and work on imbalances. (Also see the film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead)


After this cleansing, the next step is nutrition, which holds the most important part in recovery. This is most common thing that we do in our daily lives. There are many different approaches about this subject that creates much confusion.

We must learn to have a Balanced Diet to be healthy. Let's say you had cosmetic surgery; you are in your best condition. Or, you were sick and you recovered. What will you do the next day? WHAT THEN ?!! If you continue your old habits, you will end up with the same bad results! Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

This is like learning a new language. It falls into place over time.


We must eat food not only because of social, taste and emotional reasons, but we must eat with the realization that it is fueling the body. Just as we choose the proper oil and gas for our car and we know if we choose the wrong one it will let us down, likewise, our body do the same (Also see Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aydın’s book, Stone Age Diet)

We should pay attention to what we eat, opting for organic, natural, seasonal, non processed, non GMO, without additives as much as possible.

Our basic nutrition must be based primarily on vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, spices, herbs, herbal teas and fish instead of meat. Because of the high percentage of chlorophyll content, vegetables, especially dark green leafy vegetables (Swiss chard, spinach, arugula, celery, parsley, etc.), have a very important and central role in terms of increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, cleansing and stabilizing blood sugar. They can be consumed raw in salads or in juices.

A raw vegan diet might sound unpleasant and new, but when we cook our food, we are actually killing it. The more raw foods we consume and vibrant foods we can eat, the more vibrant our own energy will be. (Also see / Living Food for Optimum Health-book / Simply Raw and Food Matters- films)

Our body needs a certain amount from all of the food groups. Besides, there are 6 criterias that are important:

Quality; The nutritional value of what you eat,

Frequency; bio circadian rhythm of your many time you eat during the day

Quantity; how much you eat,

Timing; what time of the day you eat

Food combination; which food combinations you consume

Health Condition; your current health status

During the day, we should ideally drink water 5% of our body weight. It has both toxin dissolving effects and helps to shed fat, which has a weight loss effect.

We must avoid consuming a combination of carbohydrates with proteins to ease digestion and for easier weight loss.

We should have our dinner early (around 6.00-7.00 pm) and light to ease the digestive system.

Olive oil and Omega oil should be consumed uncooked, because when they are cooked, their molecular structure changes and becomes carcinogenic. Coconut oil can be used for cooking.

As meat and dairy products come from animals raised with antibiotics and growth hormones, we should be careful when consuming such products. We should choose organic ones and we should not consume them too often. (Also see the film Eating) Alternative solutions are: Saltwater fish instead of meat, legumes for protein support, goat milk or almond milk instead of dairy milk. (If you soak almonds in clean water overnight, blend them up with 3 glasses of clean water and then strain, you will have an ambrosia milk that will last for up to 3 days… You must try)

We can fix our carbohydrate needs primarily with brown rice, brown bread, wild rice, quinoa.

We can use Himalayan Salt (with 84 raw natural minerals) instead regular table salt ​​and Agave (low glycemic index) for sugar substitute.

When you get hungry during the rush of everyday life, you can consume healthy snacks such as raw and unsalted almond/walnut/hazelnut, preferably soaked overnight, mixed with fresh or dried fruits. You can prepare little plastic bags to carry in your purse, in your car and at your office all day long.

We need to learn to eat according to our hunger-satiation signals. This is explained with the Mindful Eating concept. In fact, this is our body's forgotten natural mechanism. (Also see books, Ozan Tunçer “All Diets are Rubbish” / Osho Body Mind Balancing)

We have “controlled” environments (home, office, car) and “uncontrolled” ones (travel, restaurant, airline, hotel, etc.) in our lives that we can apply all of these things to a degree. While it will be a good solution not to keep unhealthy things in controlled environments, carrying some snacks and selecting the healtiest options in uncontrolled environments is also a good idea. If you want to accomplish you’ll find a way, if you dont you will find excuses !


We are all human. Of course, we can sometimes indulge ourselves. However, some precautions can be taken to minimize the damage.

The amount of binges may be limited.

It can be removed from the body with a liquid fast for the next meal or during the next day.

Generally, if these types of binges do not overrun 25% of our entire diet, 75% healthy nutrition will tolerate them.

One day a week (Sunday? !) can be declared a binge day.

These are the principles that must be applied continuously throughout one's life. This is not a weight loss diet but rules essential to be healthy, energetic and balanced. As soon as you say, “ I reached my target, I can stop now”, old diseases will come back together with more force.


It is something that many people are too lazy about and have no concern with. However, our body is designed to move. As modern life immobilize us, we need to do something extra. There are so many benefits of exercise. But, we mostly recommend to:

  • Get rid of the stress, which is the result of modern life, and the negative energy,

  • Make the body tighter and more fit,

  • Ensure the acceleration of metabolism to burn more fat quicker.

The magic here is to do something that you love. Dancing, jumping rope, swimming, walking, jogging, etc. If you love something, you can continue to do it. Let's talk about some alternative methods.

Your practice should consist of 3 different combinations of exercise; flexibility, cardio and weight training.

For cardio interval workout is highly recommended. Everyone complains about a lack of time. However, for intervals, you only need 21 minutes. According to a study, within 21 minutes, if you do this at a quick pace as if a lion is chasing you, by doing 8 reps of 30 seconds each, you can lose 3 times more weight! The best tool for doing this is ellipticals.

Yoga is the number 1 exercise to gain flexibility. The more flexible your body becomes, the more flexible your mind will be.

Yet, if you are one of those who are too lazy, you can do the Tibetan movements. These simple acts, which will take you only 5-10 minutes every day, help make you young. (Also see book, Tibetan Fountain of Youth)


Everything begins in the mind. The more we are aware of what we do, being smarter and more honest with ourselves, we would have far fewer problems.

First, we should learn to be grateful for what we have. We always want something, but we do not really know how to enjoy having them. What you do not use is taken from you cause it does not exist unless you use it.

Learn as much as possible about yourself and find the reason of your existance. Consider a ship without a route and a target, where it will go? Wind is of no help for those who do not know the direction! Search for the meaning of your name. See what you are doing. Going to work everyday, what do you do for humanity; what do you add? (Also see books, The Purpose of Your Life Dan Millman / Spiritual Astrology Jan Spiller)

If you have a problem, think about the solution, not the problem.

We are responsible for whatever happens to us somehow - whether or not we realize it, consciously or unconsciously. When we accept this responsibility, 50% of the problem is already solved.

There are many techniques to ensure and manage the balance between emotions and mind. Transformational Breathing is one of the best techniques for this. You must try it.


Probiotics are the good bacteria. Ensuring more powerful intestinal flora, also strengthen our immune system, prevent allergies and stop constipation, gas and bloating. Even makes you happier by producing 80-90% of the endorphine and seratonin hormones.

It is our digestion that creates the utmost aging in the body. The shorter and easier way the body handles digestion, the more fit, energetic and younger it will become.

Digestive Enzymes, which make digestion easier and faster also helps to solve problems such as gas and bloating.

Spirulina is the most important source of vegetable protein and vitamin B12. As it balances the blood sugar, it indirectly helps weight- loss as well. It is also a great source of iron, which prevents fatigue.

Omega 3-6-9 oils (flaxseed, coconut, evening primrose oil, sunflower seed, etc.) are also indispensable for the body. They are very important for hair, skin, nails, bone health; in terms of prevention of Alzheimer’s, they improve memory; they reduce premenstrual syndrome and reduce depression.


Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and is the most effective anti-oxidant especially in IV form and high dosages.

Ozone allows your cells to regenerate, purifies the blood, increases energy, reduces wrinkles, upgrades the quality of sleep, etc.

Oxygen is the enemy of cancer cells.

Massage not only gives pleasure, it is one of the best methods for cleaning the lymphatic system and it allows the body to tighten and strengthen as it relaxes.

Sauna & Steam allows the excretion of toxins, helps in weight loss and opens up the sinuses

Tongue cleaner allows for the cleaning of toxins from the tongue. The mouth is the beginning of the digestive system. The cleaner it is the better.

Skin brush, fiber dry skin brushing or washing with a fiber cloth to have a nice tight skin is a good option.

Grounding by standing on earth barefoot for 45 minutes brings the blood to its ideal levels and reduces inflammation and relieves the pain.


Books and films are actually like medicines. They are like a friend who you cannot be together with, your dietitian or life coach who you cannot visit. They have many benefits such as making you realize things, teaching and educating, motivating.

Some examples are:


pH Miracle by Robert Young – Principles of Alkaline Nutrition

The Tao of Detox – Essentials of detox


Hungry for Change – A movie about lifestyle change with real transformation cases with obesity, diabetes, cancer

Simply Raw and Food Matters – Movies about benefits of raw food

Eating – A movie about dairy and meat issues

The Guitar (film) is about a diffirent attitude from a young woman with cancer,

Into the Wild (film) is the story of a young man's search for himself,

Louise Hay’s Heal Yourself (film) is about the fact that we actually create diseases by our own way of thinking

Website & social media – raw food recipes

Mindbodygreen - facebook

All of the above told are based on real experiences. The whole point is about learning self management before anything else. Everything happens with time and patience.

If you ask where I can find all these programs and how I can do them, The LifeCo embodies all these programs and serves as a healthy life partner.

Be well ☺

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