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Digestive System

Nowadays, we come across problems related to our digestive system and these problems are increasing. 50-60 % of our guests suffer from this discomfort. However, with a few changes in our habits, it is possible to remarkably enhance the situation even within a day.

Let’s examine what these problems are, why they are happening and how to solve them.


Gas and Bloating – everyone express their complaint by saying: “I am incredibly bloated and I have gas.”

Constipation – “We have it in our family for ages” says some and this is accepting the situation, but this can change with our daily actions it is not a destiny.

There are 2 important steps when healing;

1- Relieving and supportive solutions for the problem – they are used like training wheels on a bicycle, just for a period of time

2- Eliminating the problem: Not experiencing the problem or decreasing the strength of the problem

Infact, the main solution would be to have the body digest easily and rapidly. Therefore the body would not be worn out. Also, the energy that normally spent for digestion, can be off the hook and it can be used for renewing and cleansing the body.

FACTORS (What are the factors that can provide this ?)

Nutrition Quality

First of all, the food that we are consuming are not in their natural state. They are processed, genetically modified and full of addictive and additive substances such as flavor enhancer, shelf life extender, colourant etc… Therefore, the system is rejecting the contents. Infact, it is a warning sign.

So, the food should be consumed on it’s season.

Nutrition Combination

Just like we don’t put the colored and white clothes together in the washing machine, we should not consume different food groups at the same time. According to the food combination rule, ideal way is seperating animal based protein and carbohydrates when consuming. This is the most supportive method for our digestive system. The vegetables and greens can be considered as a joker card. They can be combined with protien or carbohdyrates seperately. Vegetebles and fruits should also be consumed seperately. Watermelon and melon are fruits that should be consumed alone.

Water and food relationship

We shouldn’t drink water when eating our food. If we do so, we would be diluting the enzymes. When the enzymes cannot do their job, the time period for digestion will grow longer.

Fruit and food relationship

Fruits should be consumed before the meal. Let’s say that you had meat that would be digested in 8 hours and on top of that, you had a fruit which will be digested in half an hour. That fruit waits there for 8 hours and gets fermented creating gas and bloating. If you would have eaten the fruit before, then it woud be quickly digested.

Eating methods – Chewing (Our stomach does not have teeth)

When we chew our bites ony 2-3 times, we are making the digestion even harder for our stomach. Because our stomach doesn’t have teeth. Therefore we should, slowly drink our juices and chew the solid food until it becomes like liquid.

Turn this into an experiment or a game. Close your eyes and chew every bite at least for 30 times. Let’s see how you will feel!

Eating speed – Slow down

Eating as if stuffing a bag with things, complicates the digestion.

Amount of consumption

Our stomach is as big as our fists. Therefore, when we go over that, we are making the job of our stomach harder. One third of the stomach should consist solid food, one third of it should have liquid and the rest should be empty.

Eating time

When we look in the nature, ,ideally, we should not eat after the sun sets. This can alter according to the seasons and the country that we live in. If we look at this from modern and social life approach, then we should finish eating between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm. After this, the body will go on detox mode and should not be occupied with digestion.


And finally the last issue for a digestion problems: Stress. Stress makes the digestion system to lock down, slow down and solidify. The blood that would go to digestion decreases by three out of four. It also is a reason for the good bactarias in the gut to decrease, therefore the immune system decreases.

Undigested life experiences such as breakup, divorce, mobbing etc. creates stress and digestion problems like gas and bloating as well. So it is important to face them without losing time. Breathing therapies are ideal to dissolve these situations.

Supportive things

To get over these problems, you should apply the above in your lives. Until it becomes like a habit, you can use 2 tablets of digestive enzymes before your meals to decrease the gas and bloating significantly.


Another problem that majority of the people are suffering is constipation. Ideally we should defaecate once a day. Every day that this period of time grows longer, the discomfort level grow and becomes unbearable.

The factors are;


If we don’t drink enough water, the body dehydrates and it cannot provide the flow. Then the problem starts. The food sticks on the walls of the large intestine and cannot be emptied. We should drink minimum 2-3 litres of good quality and alkaline water from a glass bottle.

Nutrition kind – Consume fiber

The food that we eat should have more fiber. Too much meat, dairy and carbohydrate are sticky foods. And if you observe yourself, these do not come out as the amount that you consume. However, if you consume vegetables, greens and pulses, then you will achieve a very comfortable exit. Observe your body: How does it react to certain things?


Constant sitting and stillness decreases the chance defaecating. In a TV Show, it talked about a woman who need to go to the bathroom whenever she used her treadmill. Therefore, at least 30 minutes of walking everyday, jumping on the trampoline or climbing up and down the stairs will be helpful.


A nice olive oil, omega oils, avocado and coconut oils are very helpful in order to decrease this problem. Image a bicycle with ungreased chains. Consuming wrong oils can create the same scenario for us, too.


Magnesium usage is a great support for going to the bathroom. Cacao, pumpkin seeds, banana and such include magnesium therefore you can consume these as a support. Also if you would like a fast solution, then you can find some supportive supplements (Magnesie calcinee) from the drug stores.

Letting go

Psychologically, the people who hang on to the past have more likely constipation than others. Switch to the letting go energy. I would, again, sugget breathing therapies.

There is a saying in journalist and writer Mehmet Ali Bulut’s book named Can Boğazdan Çıkar: “Weight is accumulated faeces.”


You can find the supportive products for this below:

Probiotics - They are the good bacteria’s in the gut. The more the better. Should be taken as 2 tablets on full stomach. .

Psyllium Husks Powder – Fiber powder. You can use it as one dessert spoon in the vegetable or fruit juices. It help to brush the bowel system.

Laxatives – Also, there are some laxative supports directly related to this problem. At The LifeCo, our Lifco product is used for this issue.

Final say

So this is the situation. Of course, there can be exceptions. However, the criteria above are pinpoint solutions in order to relieve the digestive system. If you apply them, you will notice a significant and immediate relaxation. Our intestines will flow as easily as this rollar coaster.

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